Real Estate Title Searches

When dealing with the state of the title to any particular piece of real estate, this is not the kind of an area that you should make any decision based upon your own search of real estate title records.  Real estate title work is a specialty and there are many complex matters that can affect title to real estate other than the databases that we are linking you to.  Give us a call if you have a specific issue and we can help.  With that said, some real estate title records are available to the public online on a county by county basis.  In Ohio they are maintained by the “Recorder”.  In Kentucky they are maintained by a division of the county clerk of courts.  Very few will provide the public with the ability to actually see recorded documents but the data reflecting things like the type of document, filing date, book and page recording information, the parties to the recorded document, etc. can be determined from the online searches as follows: 

Hamilton County Recorder 

Clermont County, Ohio, Brown County, Ohio and 29 others 
(online copies of documents visible through “Land Access” search engine)  

Butler County, Ohio Auditor Recorder 

Montgomery County, Ohio Recorder 

Kenton County, Kentucky Clerk – Real Estate Division 

Campbell County, Kentucky Clerk 
(Site requires a subscription)