Real Estate Property Searches

Real estate searches are available to the public through the Auditor’s web site for the county in Ohio where the property is situated.  These searches will inform you of the Auditor’s appraised value for the real estate upon which the Treasurer issues his tax bills and will further inform you of any delinquent real estate taxes.  Although the search will inform you of the “owner” you should not rely on the Auditor’s website for this, e.g. this field is frequently populated with the name and address where the Treasurer will send the tax bill as opposed to the actual owner of the property.  In Kentucky as opposed to the “Auditor”, the tax assessor is referred to as the PVA or Property Value Assessor but it essentially yields the same type of information and is a good research resource. 

Hamilton County, Ohio Auditor Real Estate Searches

Clermont County, Ohio Real Estate Searches  

Butler County, Ohio Auditor Real Estate Searches  

Montgomery County, Ohio Auditor Real Estate Searches 

Kenton County, Kentucky PVA 

Campbell County, Kentucky PVA