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At Schuh and Goldberg, we represent people in many aspects of family law and domestic relations, including Divorce, Dissolutions, Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Grandparent Visitation, Name Change, and Prenuptial Agreements. We understand that the various issues that arise in family law can create an extremely emotional and difficult time in one’s life.  Our firm can guide our clients through the process with personal attention, understanding, and respect. 

We work closely with our clients to educate them on the various options available to them, and we also strive to ensure the process and adjustments in their life are as smooth as possible.  Our goal is to guide you through this dififcult process in a timely manner to put the past behind and focus on  a new beginning in your life.

Divorce or Dissolution

Anytime a client has to work through property division and/or parenting time issues, it can be a very tough situation. We work to avoid the traditional forms of litigation and aim for a mediation to find solutions to the problems at hand. We strive to reach agreements between the parties so that they are able to maintain control of their financial affairs and parenting time schedules rather than putting that decision making power in the hands of a Judge or Magistrate. 

Grandparent visitation in Ohio

Under Ohio law a court can award visitation rights of a minor child to grandparents so long as the grandparents have an interest in the welfare of the child and such visitation is in the best interests of the child. Courts can also award visitation rights to a grandparent if the parent is deceased or the child’s mother was unmarried when the child was born. Before awarding grandparent visitation, a court must consider a series of relevant factors noted in OhioRevised Code 3109.012. More information on Grandparent Visitation rights can be found at ttp://

Child Custody and Visitation

Either parent may be awarded custody, and parents can often work out agreements that best suit their needs and the best interest of the child. Many times, parents will agree to joint custody and develop a shared parenting plan. When allocating parental rights and responsibilities, the court shall take into consideration relevant factors. (hyperlink3109.04). Each county in Ohio has a standard parenting time schedule which can be used as a starting point if the parties cannot agree.

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce can be a very difficult time both emotionally as well as financially.  Somtimes  a bankruptcy filing  is the best solution to achieve a new beginning financially as well as emotionally.  Prior to fling fordivorce, Schuh and Goldberg can consult with you and review your financial situation to recommend whether to proceed with a divorce first or file a joint bankruptcy to relieve the financial stress prior to bankruptcy. If it seems like a Divorce and Bankruptcy are very likely, it is important to understand the implications of which one to file first. Although this can be a complex question, Schuh and Goldberg, can explain both processes and help you plan for the future. 

To learn more about the about the various issues involved in family law and receive the personal attention that is needed to work through these issues, please contact Schuh and Goldberg at 513-321-2662