Rich is the best attorney in Cincinnati.  He is dependable, affordable and he cares about his clients. 


I came to Atty Schuh for a possible bankruptcy situation. I had never gone through anything like this before and I really didn't want to. He explained things so I would understand them. I ended up not going this route. John was honest and truthful and pointed me in a different direction, even though it was no benefit to him. He gives attorneys a good name. I would recommend John to anyone with a legal need. – Reviewed by Laura


Words cannot express how grateful we are for all the help you have given us.  You have treated us with dignity and respect during a very difficult time in our life

~Bill and Anna-Maire

I owned a rather large business when disaster struck and a seven figure account receivable went delinquent and I retained John Schuh's services for my personal and business bankruptcy. John worked through my issues and the reputation he had with the bank's attorneys as being honest and trustworthy allowed us to work out a plan that was best for both parties. I was able to help the bank in the sale of my business a deal that John helped piece together and in return was released from my personal guarantee saving me from personal bankruptcy. I don't believe there is another attorney in Cincinnati that could have kept me from having to file for bankruptcy other than John Schuh because he helped us outline a plan we could deliver on and his personal integrity was a major factor when working with the bank. I know outcomes such as mine are rare and John cannot always work miracles such as he did in my case however I feel greatly indebted to him for the quality of the job he performed. John truly cares about his clients and so therefore I would strongly recommend his services. 


When the impossible was closing in and there was little hope in my eyes, Brian Goldberg was there to prove why he is one of the best defensive attorneys money can buy and performed in the high standard tradition that the Goldberg name holds its reputation in. I have recommended Brian to many of my close friends and family and will continue to stand behind his proven ability to make the impossible possible … just as he did in my situation. If you want the Mazerati of attorneys, Goldberg is where it’s at!! 


Thank you for your personal attention to my business arrangement.  It will be very prosperous. Thank you for going the extra mile.


Richard is a complete professional.  He embodies all of the qualities of a top-gun trial attorney.  As good as it gets. 

~Lou - Attorney

I would highly recommend Joanna Rose Wilson to everyone. I say this because she made the most difficult time of my life not so bad.  Mostly, she made me feel like a friend or sister. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and was always there with kind and encouraging words, but also realistic and truthful about everything that could possibly happen.   I had seen two other lawyers before her and Joanna was the ONLY ONE who didn’t make me feel like a loser, instead she made me feel like a winner and that this issue didn’t define who I was.  She really is a true professional and she changed my view about lawyers in general.  So in closing to anyone reading this, you could never go wrong hiring Joanna Rose Wilson, Attorney at Law.


Bob asked that I tell you in his word, you are the most professional and efficient attorney he has ever worked with. We cannot express our gratitude enough.  Having you as a friend and attorney is one of my greatest treasures.

~Bob & Joyce

When it comes to criminal defense lawyers, Rich Goldberg is phenomenal.  If I were in trouble, I would hire Rich immediately.  Rich gets my strongest endorsement. 

~Jeff - Attorney

Our situation was very unique. John was recommended to us because he is supposed to be someone who is not afraid to take on a case that is not of the cookie cutter variety. He backed up that recommendation and then some. Without going into all the details, our bankruptcy filing turned into a legal battle with the Department of Justice who were seeking to have our case dismissed. John did an excellent job and ultimately prevailed. Thank you, John! 


Bankruptcy is not an easy thing to consider or face.  My husband and I knew we had to file for bankruptcy and went to a lawyer to start the process.  After we hired that lawyer, I was referred to Joanna Wilson by a family member.  Even though I had already paid a deposit/retainer to the other lawyer, we switched to Joanna.  During my first phone conversation with her, it became very clear that she was the best choice.  Bankruptcy is messy and defeating and Joanna was great to work with.  She was very knowledgeable and understanding.   While going through the process, Joanna made sure we understood each step and all the information surrounding it.  She never once made us feel inadequate for not understanding the complicated language of the law.  My husband and I were also working towards a divorce, so Joanna had her work cut out for her.  While it doesn't feel good to file for bankruptcy, with the help of Joanna, we are now free to start fresh and begin again.  Thank you, Joanna, for your all your hard work and most of all, your understanding


I want to thank you for your professional and tireless handling of my … affairs. You were well organized, meticulous and attentive and you were more than fair on your attorney’s fees.  Your amicable personality made it, all in all, a pleasure working with you.


Many, Many thanks for all your assistance and all the other paperwork involved. You were of very great help to me.


Stephen, thanks for being a great listener and counselor.